Intro to Computer Science – Web Design

Course Info

Intro to CS – Web Design is the second (one trimester) of a three-part Intro to Computer Science course sequence. Intro to CS – Web Design will focus on basic website design, including basic HTML, CSS, and image editing for the web; and a brief introduction to programming using a language such as Python or Javascript.




Image Editing

  • GIMP
    Highly recommended
  • Pixlr
    Online image editor

What We Know

This is what we know about HTML and CSS to date...


  • HTML stands for ...
  • uses TAGS like <p> </p>, ...
  • Image: <img src="image file" width="#" height="#" />
  • Elements can be identified for CSS using IDs and Classes (e.g. #thisID, .thatClass)
  • Sections of HTML elements can be kept together by enclosing them in <div> </div> tags.


  • CSS stands for ...
  • A CSS file is linked to the HTML document with a ... tag.
  • Styling can be in a CSS file or embedded in the HTML file.
  • Uses IDs and Classes to identify HTML elements (e.g. #thisID, .thatClass)
  • color: color name or code – sets text color
  • background-color: color name or code – sets background color
  • font-family: ... – sets font face
  • Whole <div>s can be styled together.